Woman pressing the toilet buttn - How to Fix Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet can quickly become annoying and waste gallons of your water supply. A professional plumber can adjust the toilet’s water control and repair issues like a defective fill valve or toilet flapper.

Using the following four steps, a plumber can fix a faulty overflow tube or other toilet issue, like frozen pipes that lead to a flooded bathroom.

1. Check for a Tank Leak

plumber repairing toilet tank in the bathroom

The first thing to do when the toilet tank won’t stop running is check the toilet’s tank to see if you need immediate leak repair. A simple way to detect a leak is to place a few drops of food coloring within the tank and wait to see if the water in the toilet bowl changes color. If the water in the bowl changes color after around 30 minutes, you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system that causes the water to constantly drain.

2. Open the Toilet Tank and Adjust or Replace the Flapper Valve

When you have a toilet that runs water constantly, a faulty flapper may be to blame. A plumber can lift your tank lid and reach inside to feel the rubber flapper. This piece seals the flush valve’s opening and prevents water from running after you flush the toilet.

You may need a new flapper if it becomes brittle over time or if the attached chain isn’t the correct length. If the flapper appears to be in decent condition, your plumber can check for a bad fill valve next.

3. Check for a Faulty Fill Valve and Float Ball

plumbing repair services toilet bowl, bidet and tools besidesThe toilet fill valve connects to a float arm and ball and to an overflow pipe. One of the ways to fix a running toilet is to check the fill valve by raising the ball float cup and see if that stops the water from running. If the water is high enough to spill into the overflow tube, it’s a clear indicator that the fill tube is the source of your leak.

You can adjust the float by turning the attached rod to make the float cup sit higher or lower in the tank. A normal fill valve should keep water about an inch below the overflow tube.

If you have an old fill valve assembly, you’ll likely need to replace it with a new fill valve for improved function.

4. Replace the Flush Valve

If you’ve replaced the flapper but your toilet is still running, you may need to replace your flush valve. If this is the source of your leak, it’s an easy fix. A plumber can also install a new tank to bowl gasket to prevent leaks and give advice for avoiding pipe bursting.

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