7 Types of Water Heaters — The Best Guide

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When your water heater breaks, you need a new one quickly so you can return to a comfortable shower and clean dishes. So, how do you choose between the types of water heaters?

Keep reading to discover the seven different water heaters and how to choose one. If you need more help or are ready for installation, Roto-Rooter is here to help!

1. Conventional Tank Water Heater

A tank water heater is one of the most common types of water heaters. It stores heated water in a storage tank until it's ready for use. It's an affordable hot water heater.

Conventional tank water heaters store between 30 and 80 gallons of water, though they're not very energy-efficient. They can require up to an hour to adequately heat water.

These hot water heaters come in two varieties:

  • A gas water heater uses natural gas to heat cold water. If the water heater gas valves or line leaks, they pose a serious safety risk.
  • The electric tank type of water heater uses electricity to power the heat exchanger and thus is much safer than those that use natural gas.

2. Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater uses less space than conventional water heaters. Instead of storing hot water, tankless heaters only heat water when it's used. They have an energy efficiency advantage over a water heater with a storage tank.

You'll pay more to install an electric tankless water heater, but save money long-term with lower utility bills and maintenance costs.

3. Point-of-Use

This type of water heater provides hot water to a single appliance. It sits directly above your shower, sink, or dishwasher and offers an affordable alternative for small spaces. They are significantly less efficient than other models.

4. Solar

A solar water heater uses a large tank to store hot water and uses solar panels to heat it. They usually incorporate gas or electricity as a backup power source.

A solar-powered water heater costs more to install, but you'll save money on your operation because it's so energy-efficient.

5. Hybrid

A hybrid water heater uses a heat pump to draw warmth from its surroundings instead of directly heating the water. When compared to other water heaters, it uses up to 60% less water.

Because hybrid water heaters require both a heat pump and a tank, they take up more space and are more expensive to install. However, consider how much you'll save on your monthly energy bill!

6. Combination Boiler Water Heater

This hot water heater also performs the function of a furnace, heating your water and your home. It's a great option for smaller residential homes because of how compact and affordable it is.

7. Condensing

If your home uses natural gas for heat, the condensing water heater utilizes the leftover fumes. Though an affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient option, they have the same risks as any gas-based appliance.

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