How To Prevent a Drain Clog in Your Athens, GA Home

Plumbers often arrive at Athens homes and businesses to deal with stubborn clogs that property owners can't remove. Although this situation is frustrating, you can prevent drain problems by following our simple tips, saving you time and money and protecting your plumbing system. You'll enjoy a longer-lasting, better-performing plumbing system by being mindful. Consider these clog prevention tips, then contact Roto-Rooter Athens, GA for a drain cleaning appointment. Use Your Garbage Disposal Correctly One of the easiest ways to prevent clogged drains is to keep specific items out of your garbage disposal. Dumping the following objects... Read More!

4 Steps: How To Fix a Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet can quickly become annoying and waste gallons of your water supply. A professional plumber can adjust the toilet's water control and repair issues like a defective fill valve or toilet flapper. Using the following four steps, a plumber can fix a faulty overflow tube or other toilet issue, like frozen pipes that lead to a flooded bathroom. 1. Check for a Tank Leak The first thing to do when the toilet tank won't stop running is check the toilet's tank to see if you need immediate leak repair. A simple way to detect... Read More!

DIY Water Leak Repair Tips Before Calling Roto-Rooter Athens

Is there a damaged pipe in your home that produces minor leaks? You don't always have time to search for a "water leak detection company near me" and schedule a service. This guide will show you how to perform a water leak repair on your own. Keep in mind that some of these tips are temporary fixes. When you're in need of a permanent solution, type "water leak detection near me" into your browser, and you'll find Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water Clean-Up. We know how to fix a leaking pipe for good so your plumbing system stays in excellent condition. Give us... Read More!

Things You Should Do When a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

When a pipe bursts without your knowledge, it could cause thousands of dollars in damage if you don't notice it immediately. If you keep an eye out for the signs, you can identify the problem and call Roto-Rooter GA for burst pipe repair before expensive problems arise. Signs of a Burst Pipe in Your Home A surprise puddle of water is an obvious sign that you have a burst pipe in your home, but there are early warning signs that you need an emergency plumber long before you notice standing water: Start by checking your water meter.... Read More!

7 Types of Water Heaters — The Best Guide

When your water heater breaks, you need a new one quickly so you can return to a comfortable shower and clean dishes. So, how do you choose between the types of water heaters? Keep reading to discover the seven different water heaters and how to choose one. If you need more help or are ready for installation, Roto-Rooter is here to help! 1. Conventional Tank Water Heater A tank water heater is one of the most common types of water heaters. It stores heated water in a storage tank until it's ready for use. It's an affordable... Read More!

Find and Repair Plumbing Leaks Around the House

Plumbing leaks can be especially pernicious because they cause water damage and can run up your water meter. If you think you have a plumbing leak, it can be hard to know where it's coming from. So today, the team at Roto-Rooter of Athens, GA, is here with this handy guide on how to find and repair hidden plumbing leaks. If you notice any of these signs of a leak, give us a call today to schedule a plumbing service! Check Your Water Meter Even small leaks can have a noticeable impact on your water bills. If... Read More!

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