DIY Water Leak Repair Tips Before Calling Roto-Rooter Athens

Plumbing shutting Water Valve to repair a detected leak

Is there a damaged pipe in your home that produces minor leaks? You don't always have time to search for a "water leak detection company near me" and schedule a service. This guide will show you how to perform a water leak repair on your own.

Keep in mind that some of these tips are temporary fixes. When you're in need of a permanent solution, type "water leak detection near me" into your browser, and you'll find Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water Clean-Up. We know how to fix a leaking pipe for good so your plumbing system stays in excellent condition. Give us a call if leaks occur on a regular basis, and we'll provide a permanent fix.

Shut Off Valves

If you have leaking pipes, the first thing you need to do is shut off your water supply. This keeps more water from rushing through the pipes and allows you to perform repairs. Once you turn off the water supply, you can clean up any damage around the pipes and dry the area.

The amount of water damage around the pipe will give you a good indication of how large the leak is. Experts suggest performing a DIY leaky pipe repair for small leaks only since plumbers are best equipped to handle a massive pipe leak or, in extreme cases, pipe bursts.

Residential plumbing frozen burst pipe

Patch the Leaky Pipe

If you want to perform a DIY water leak repair, these tips will come in handy. Visit your local hardware store and pick up any of the following supplies to stop the plumbing leak:

  • Epoxy putty
  • Pipe tape, such as a self-fusing silicone tape
  • Pipe clamps

While tape and epoxy putty are easy to apply, experts recommend a pipe clamp for the best results. The clamp has rubber gaskets on it to provide a watertight seal. This ensures the water won't rush out, whereas other solutions can be loose-fitting and not as effective against the leaky pipe.

Patching the leak is only a temporary fix. If the seal doesn't hold, you may face costly repairs later on.

Replace the Leaking Pipe

If your drain pipe won't stop leaking, the best way to fix it is by replacing the faulty pipe. Head to the hardware store and pick up piping and coupling that is the same material and diameter as your current pipe. Then, take a pipe cutter and remove the leaking portion but be sure to smooth sharp edges before installing the new piece.

Once the edges are ready, slip the coupling between the interconnected pipes and secure it. This is a surefire way to fix a leaking pipe since the damaged piece is no longer a part of your plumbing system. After installing the new pipe, turn on your water to test for leaks.

Let a Professional Plumber Fix Your Leaking Pipe

When it comes to water leak detection services, no one is better than Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water Clean-Up. We provide effective pipe repair services to home and business owners in Greater Athens. Call our team at (762) 728-7575 to schedule a water leak repair.


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