Five Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Pipes and drains are tucked out of sight and out of mind for most of us, but if you take that approach, your plumbing might be dealing with several hidden issues that a clean drain and plumbing inspection could fix.

Below, we’ll examine the five most common signs you need drain cleaning and why Roto-Rooter GA is the ideal team to help you with those services.

1. Multiple Clogged Drains at Once

One clogged drain is bad enough, but if you have multiple drains backing up or draining slowly, it’s a clear sign that you need professional plumbing help.

Simultaneous sink and toilet clogs often indicate that your main sewer line is completely clogged, which can lead to more severe issues than blocked drain lines. A professional drain cleaner can cure your overflowing toilets and sinks and clean the standing water they produce.

2. Unpleasant Odors

There are two common reasons drains develop an unpleasant smell, and both are reasons to have your drains cleaned.

Sewage odors are a symptom of the first reason, which is that your sewer lines have crashed. Other waste smells, especially those coming from your garbage disposal, typically point to food blockage, which is the second reason. Whatever the reason your plumbing appliances smell bad, a drain cleaner can diagnose and repair the issue.

3. Slow-Moving Drain

Slow-moving drains typically remove sink water quickly because there’s an obstacle lodged in the pipes. Air bubbles popping out from a slow drain as the water disappears are also signs of a clog.

Solidified cooking oil and food scraps are the most frequent clogs in kitchen sinks, while hair clogs are the most common issue in a bathroom sink.

Slow-draining appliances can overflow and create standing water in your living space if you leave them running without supervision. A professional drain cleaner can fix slow-moving issues by removing blockages, but you will need to hire a plumber for septic tank pumping for a slow-moving toilet.

4. Mold Near the Sink Drains

Mold and mildew grow in damp environments. Although sinks and plumbing appliances are damp by nature, they should be dry enough to keep mold away in their healthiest state.

If mold is growing in or near your sink drain, it’s a clear sign that there’s either a leak or that water isn’t correctly flowing through the system, which professional drain cleaning can fix.

5. Spiking Water Bills

Increased utility costs are a hidden consequence of clogged plumbing fixtures, as well as one of the most evident signs you need drain cleaning services. Heightened water bills typically indicate a leak in your home’s plumbing system, which your plumber can spot and fix during your professional drain cleaning.

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