Whether brand new or ten years old, your garbage disposal can cause a severe plumbing problem in your sink without proper service. Customers tend to throw everything but the kitchen sink down the disposal, creating food buildup and plumbing problems. In addition, certain foods and items can be worse for your disposal than others, necessitating plumber service.

Roto-Rooter provides commercial garbage disposal repair services for every business. We also specialize in tricky residential garbage disposal repair that many homeowners often experience. For the best garbage disposal repair Athens, GA has to offer, contact the experienced plumbers of Roto-Rooter in Athens, GA, at (762) 728-7575 for your free plumbing services quote.


Your garbage disposal performs harder than any other appliance in your house and can experience severe problems when exposed to certain foods. You should avoid putting things like cooking oils, egg shells, fruits and vegetables with thick peels, and any plastic or metal objects down the drain. These things can gather deep in the drain, lead to extreme buildup, and cause further damage that needs plumbers to repair it.

If you experience any of these common garbage disposal problems, call the Athens Roto-Rooter company right away for repairs:

●       Loud grinding noises: If you turn on your garbage disposal and hear loud clanging noises, you most likely have a plastic or metal obstruction that needs removing. However, it can be risky for homeowners to try and remove the object on their own because the metal teeth of the disposal can be dangerous. It’s better to call for service.

●       Consistent clogs: If you try running your garbage disposal and find that the water in your sink does not go down, a clog can be responsible. Avoid using store-bought drain cleaners as they can damage the garbage disposal components. Instead, contact a plumber for garbage disposal service.

●       A lack of power: If your disposal doesn’t turn on when you flip the switch, your motor could have a problem that requires maintenance or replacement.

●       Leaking water:  Leaking water could signify the connection between your disposal and sink needs repair. A plumber can identify the leak and provide a solution in no time.

●       Stoppage: If your garbage disposal turns on but will not grind, there could be a clog. To avoid this, always run water while grinding food in the garbage disposal.


The first step in garbage disposal replacement requires the identification of the underlying issue. Replacing a garbage disposal can be complicated as it requires expert knowledge and tools. The professional plumbers at Roto-Rooter in Athens, GA, will take care of the dirty work and provide you with a new disposal in no time.


Garbage disposals can experience many issues that require service or replacement. Garbage disposal requires expert knowledge from a professional plumber to solve the plumbing issues correctly and safely. Residents and businesses can depend on the plumbing professionals of Roto-Rooter in Athens, GA, for all their plumbing problems and needs.

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