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Garbage disposals make cleaning up in the kitchen easy; it's where all food waste that can clog your kitchen sink goes. However, like all appliances, you need to take care of the garbage disposal system to keep it working efficiently over time.

Below are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your garbage disposal and help you avoid that search for "garbage disposal installation near me" when problems arise.

Don't Use Hot Water While Running It

Hot water will soften the food waste, like potato peels, in the garbage disposal, causing them to stick to the system blades instead of going down the drain. When you run cold water with the disposal running, the food scraps stay solid, ensuring easier grinding and less stressful drain cleaning.

Use Boiling Water Down the Garbage Disposal Periodically

While you shouldn't run the garbage disposal with hot water, you should still occasionally pour boiling water down the pipes to help break up food waste that gets stuck on the blades. It's one of the best ways to prolong the life of your garbage disposal.

Be Mindful of the Food Waste You Throw in the Disposal

To ensure your garbage disposal lasts as long as possible and keeps plumbing problems at bay, don't throw in bones, fibrous vegetables, or large quantities of anything that may be too much for the blades to break through.

Any garbage disposal installation experts will tell you to only pour small pieces of malleable food particles into the system to prevent clogging and burst pipes.

Let the Disposal Run a Bit Longer

If you don't want to end up with a damaged garbage disposal, you shouldn't turn yours off once it has finished grinding up waste.

You can keep the disposal clean by running it for another minute or two with the cold water running and some dish soap. It's the best way to ensure you've completely flushed the blades and the drain pipe, helping you avoid costly repairs down the line.

Give It an Ice Bath

Most garbage disposal issues are due to stuck or excess food waste, so it makes sense to do all you can to eliminate waste from the blades.

Throwing some ice cubes into your running disposal is an excellent way to eliminate any debris stuck to the system's blades. The melting cold water can effectively clean the system.

Do you have a smelling system? Pour some citrus fruit juice into the system, either in liquid form or frozen.

Don't Leave the System Idle for Too Long

Like toilet repair, needing garbage disposal repairs can be frustrating. Running the system occasionally can help prevent rust and the need for garbage disposal replacement.

Get Expert Help for Your Garbage Disposal Problems

Proper care for your garbage disposal can help you avoid a costly repair.

Do you have a garbage disposal in need of attention? Call the Roto-rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup team in Athens, GA, today at (762) 728-7575 to book an inspection. We can send an emergency plumber right away to help you prolong the life of your garbage disposal.


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