Things You Should Do When a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

When a pipe bursts without your knowledge, it could cause thousands of dollars in damage if you don't notice it immediately. If you keep an eye out for the signs, you can identify the problem and call Roto-Rooter GA for burst pipe repair before expensive problems arise.

Signs of a Burst Pipe in Your Home

A surprise puddle of water is an obvious sign that you have a burst pipe in your home, but there are early warning signs that you need an emergency plumber long before you notice standing water:

  • Leaking ceilingStart by checking your water meter. If all water sources, including your water heater, are switched off but your meter keeps changing, that is a sure sign you have a water leak.
  • Discolored water could indicate several problems, including a burst pipe. Check for other signs to determine the root of the problem.
  • Signs of mold and mildew under cabinets or walls mean your home has a high moisture concentration.
  • If your water bill spikes but you haven't used more water than usual, a burst water pipe could be contributing to wasted water and money.
  • Low water pressure indicates a problem with your plumbing system.
  • Water leaks can show themselves by allowing mold to form on exterior walls. Inspect the inside and outside of your home, including crawl spaces, for any evidence of a water leak.

What To Do When You Discover Burst Pipes

A burst pipe will cause further damage the longer you postpone service. As soon as you notice this problem, turn off the water supply to your home and search "burst pipe repair near me" online. The results will show you all available contractors in your area, and you can contact a plumber for burst pipe emergency repair.

Residential plumbing frozen burst pipe

Take photos of every bit of water damage, including in your crawl space and any other area near where the pipe bursts. If you file an insurance claim, you will need detailed documentation of the damage, and you may not remember all the details after a stressful event.

Next, clean up any standing water or other signs of water damage. The longer water sits on your surfaces, the higher the chance mold has to grow, leading to even bigger problems.

Damage From Frozen Pipes

In cold temperatures, exposed pipes need insulation when temperatures drop. Otherwise, when water freezes, the pipes burst, causing water damage when warm air melts the offending ice.

Plumbing Repair Service From an Experienced Pipe Cutter

You don't have time to hesitate when you need a burst pipe repair. A broken pipe causes increasing damage the longer you wait to call for repair, from low water pressure to a complete lack of hot water in the span of a few hours. When time is of the essence, you need a team of professionals you can trust.

Instead of searching for an "emergency plumber near me," call the emergency Roto-Rooter GA team at (762) 728-7575 for expert service. We serve Athens and the surrounding areas.


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