Woman calling for an emergency plumber in front of a water heater

Few things can be more disconcerting than a plumbing emergency. When some of these issues arise, you'll want them resolved in the shortest time possible. That's why you need an emergency plumber on speed dial.

At Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water Cleanup, we proudly offer emergency solutions 24 hours a day to homeowners and businesses in the Athens, GA, area. We're the plumbing company you can count on when you need fast plumbing repairs!

Common Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber

Below are some top signs you need an emergency plumber for your plumbing system:

  • Water Heater leaks. A leaking water heater will increase your energy bill, and you'll not have hot water when you need it. You can count on an experienced plumber to restore hot water service.
  • Frozen Pipes. If you have frozen pipes, water can't flow through your faucets. Even worse, the pipes can break, causing water damage.
  • Clogged ToiletThis is one of the more major plumbing issues and is also a health hazard. You may need urgent septic tank pumping, sewer line repair, or hydro excavation to fix the problem.
  • Drain clogs. You need urgent drain cleaning if you have drain clogs, as they can make your sinks and tubs unusable. Your chemical drain cleaner won't help stubborn clogs, and you may end up causing more damage to your pipework.
  • Basement leaks. Water in your basement can cause structural damage and encourage mold growth without fast water damage cleanup.

Request our plumbing services today if you want fast and efficient plumbing repair.

What Should You Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

The first thing you should do during a plumbing emergency is to look for ways to limit the damage. For example, if you have a burst pipe after a frozen pipe thaws, you should turn off the water valve or main water supply immediately. Similarly, stop using a backed-up sink or tub.

Once you limit the problem, you can call us for emergency plumbing assistance. For emergency services, we'll send a plumbing professional that can handle a wide range of plumbing problems. This way, you can count on us to solve any problems we encounter while fixing the original cause of the callout.

Why Choose Us for Your Emergency Plumbing Service?

Homeowners and businesses choose us when they need emergency plumbing help because we offer:

  • Exceptional customer service from top-class emergency plumbers
  • Fast response and immediate assistance for all emergency callouts
  • Upfront pricing with no overtime charge during plumbing emergencies
  • Instant estimates
  • Guarantees on plumbing system parts and workmanship

If you need a plumber, or emergency service, or have questions about our other services, contact us today.

Get Emergency Plumbing Services from Your Local Plumbers Today

Are you in an emergency situation with your plumbing systems? End your search for an "emergency plumber near me." We are the first choice for any plumbing issue you're experiencing right now. Our specialists work on dozens of unexpected plumbing projects each week.

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